Invasive Species

Perth, like many other municipalities across Canada, has suffered greatly from invasive species that present varying hazards to the trees and shrubs growing on both public and private properties. Climbing vines, like the Virginia Creeper, are often not native to Ontario but have been brought in by well meaning gardeners and now gone wild. You have seen the damage done, and OPT's efforts to combat invasive vines, in the previous page.

Other invasive plant species include the European Buckthorn shrub that also became a focus of our work. Growing around the trees, they act like stepping stones for the vines to attach to their branches. The buck thorn shoots become thick ground cover preventing natural species of plants from growing. OPT volunteers also tackled the Garlic Mustard plants growing profusely in the Perth Ecoforest just across the Tay Basin from the Crystal Palace.

Insect invasive species include the Spongy (LDD) Moth that defoliated many trees in 2021 and whose egg clusters OPT volunteers removed in the fall and winter to prevent a return infestation. Unfortunately OPT could do nothing about the Emerald Ash Borer that devastated ash trees on Gore Street and all over. Inoculations could have saved some trees but it appears the Ash tree is now gone from Perth.

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