Who is S.O.N.G.?

The Society of Ontario Nut Growers is a small, but very dedicated, group of tree enthusiasts who go out into Ontario's forests in the fall looking for and gathering the acorns and nuts of a wide variety of native trees, some species of which are now in decline. These nuts they bring back to their homes to place in pots and other containers (like the ones shown in the photo) and to nurture carefully over the winter.

By the spring the nuts have sprouted and the seedlings can have grown to a foot or so in height. Then S.O.N.G. volunteers transplant the seedlings around the region hopefully re-introducing some of the rarer species back to their former territory. Because the S.O.N.G. volunteers are usually small in numbers OPT happily supplied some of our volunteers to plant seedlings in places like the Perth Wildlife Reserve.

In return OPT received many seedlings that we planted in various Perth parks as suggested by the Town of Perth.